About Willow Creek Leather

Beautiful handcrafted leather goods inspired by nature, designed with you in mind.

American Made

Every Willow Creek Leather Co. piece is made right here in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. 

The Process

Everything in my shop is cut, carved, burned and stitched by hand (no machines!) to create a completely custom product. All of this takes quite a bit of time, but the end product is worth it! We are busy with leatherwork and life in general, so my shop might not always be fully stocked. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy to keep up with my shop updates. You can also subscribe here on the website for my newsletter for major sales and updates.

There are so many techniques in leatherwork, and every day there is something new to try or practice. Every piece you purchase is an original piece of art, unique and one of a kind.


The Maker

My name is Kayla and I live in the mountains with my mountain man, two kids and two oddball cats. Our lives revolve around our little family and the great outdoors. When we're not playing, I'm creating.


I grew up in Montana living a country life that I loved. My main source of entertainment was the outdoors. I spent countless hours exploring the countryside on horseback. I loved the smell of warm leather after a long day of riding. In my spare time I enjoyed art in every form. I carried a sketch book with me most places and was always looking for inspiration for a new project.


Then I found the art of leather working. It started out small, a set of braided leather reins for my little horse. I still remember walking in to the local leather shop where I met the nicest lady who gave me a few tips on braiding and made sure I had everything that I needed. And the smell of her shop- is there any better smell than leather? 

After college I married my mountain man and moved to Wyoming. We have two kids who love to spend time outdoors as much as we do. They work and play by our side both indoors and out. We love archery and the fruits of the labor provide our family with all of our meat for the year. My husband is nice enough to take us archery hunting, knowing he will most likely be unsuccessful with two small childeren stomping and giggling through the forest. We go fishing. We camp. We explore. And at the end of the day I pull out my leather and try to create art that reflects the things that my family loves. Simple, timeless and practical products that can be used daily and look better as they age. 

Nature amazes me! We spend as much time outdoors as we can to restore our energy and good spirits. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful, rural area so that we can literally walk out our door and be surrounded by a small piece of Mother Natures overwhelming beauty. 


My work is largely inspired by the raw and perfectly imperfect character of the mountains. I do my best to utilize brands, scars, raw edges and other "imperfections" in the leather to give each piece its own unique character. My carvings and drawings are often inspired by our local wildlife and vegetation.  

Thank you for shopping handmade and supporting Willow Creek Leather Co.!